Terms & Conditions

Rules of cooperation with Flash–Butrym Sp.J.

Each Customer give the permission for use and processing of the personal through Flash-Butrym Sp.J. located in Lubieszyn for marketing purposes according to the Act of personal data protection, dated 29 of August 1997, Dz. U. Nr 133 Poz. 883). Each customer has the right to view,  to be informed and to change the data that is being stored. Our Customers also agree to receive marketing information’s and marketing correspondence from Flash-Butrym Sp.J.

Rules of cooperation with Flash-Butrym Sp.J.

Company: Flash-Butrym Sp.J.
Skarbimierzyce 18
72-002 Dołuje
NIP: 852-182-13-82
BDO: 000006062

tel: +48 786 840 459

e-mail: sale1@flash-butrym.pl

1. Methods of order placing 
2. Order processing time
3. Delivery
4. Forms of payment
5. VAT Invoices
6. Prices
7. Warranty
8. Complaints and returns
9. Return of the product/s

ad.1. Methods of order placing 

All orders should be made in writing by email, fax or through our website.

ad.2. Order processing time  

The awaiting time consist of the order processing time and the delivery time arranged through our transport company „UPS” or „Raben”. Each customer can choose his own transport company. The awaiting time for the delivery depends on delivery form. Awaiting time = order processing time + delivery time. The processing time depends on the availability of the products in our company and by our suppliers. If the requested products are in stock by Flash-Butrym company then the delivery takes 24 hours. In most cases the processing time of the order takes 2 working days. There are products with limited availability and in such a case the order processing time and the delivery time may take longer. In such a situation we will contact the Customer to determine the details of the delivery. By payment via bank transfer “prepayment” the dispatch will take place right after the payment arrive in the account of Flash-Butrym Sp.J. The transport companies UPS and Raben are oblige to deliver the goods within 24 hours in working days on the territory of Poland. In extreme cases the time of the delivery can be extended up to 48 hours.
Remember! It is essential to give the right address information, especially the zip-code. 

ad.3. Delivery

The ordered goods can be picked up personally in our warehouse in Flash-Butrym Sp.J. Skarbimierzyce 18; 72-002 Dołuje. All other deliveries will be delivered with help of transport companies such as UPS or RABEN or other transport company that has been chosen by the Customer. The price list for transport services can be found on the website of the particular forwarder.

ad.4. Forms of payment

We are offering following payment methods:

Bank transfer “prepayment” on the account of the Flash-Butrym Sp.J. Company.

After placing of an order we will check the availability and complete all the requested items, then you will receive via email bank account data for payment. It is very important to give the correct email-address. Right after receiving  of the payment confirmation the delivery will be sent to the chosen address. l

ad.5. VAT Invoices

For each purchased item you will receive an VAT invoice.

ad.6. Prices

All the prices are stated in PLN currency. The prices stated in the price list do not include  bulbs or other exploitation materials needed to activate the device unless there is other information in the price list. The stated prices are for informational purposes only and they do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law. Flash-Butrym. Sp.J. Company reserves the right to amend or change the prices in the price list. In case of price change you will receive appropriate notice.

ad.7. Warranty

The Flash-Butrym Sp.J., for all sold products, grants a following warranty period*:

- imported products:

  • 24 months for the individual customers (a private person – proof of purchase – a receipt)
  • 24 months for the institutional customers (the company – proof of purchase – a VAT invoice)

- the Flash Professional products:

  • 24 months for the individual customers (a private person – proof of purchase – a receipt)
  • 24 months for the institutional customers (the company – proof of purchase – a VAT invoice)

By a purchase of Flash Professional products, the customer has a possibility to expand the warranty protection to 36 months (the cost of expanding the protection – 10% of the buying price of the device).         

The basis for the recognition of the guarantee is showing up a proof of purchase, where in case, when a person/a company reporting a warranty claim, has purchased the product in Flash-Butrym Sp.J., the proof of purchase is a document issued by Flash-Butrym. In case when a person/a company reporting a warranty claim that made a purchase by one of business partners of Flash-Butrym Sp.J., the proof of purchase is a sales document issued by this exact business partner.

* The following parts are not subject to a guarantee: bulbs, LED emiters, laser diodes, batteries, the flight cases are being sold only as a packaging of the moving heads etc. (except for the LED diodes of minimum 15W power, for chich we grant a 90 days warranty).


All the defected devices need to be delivered to our service department Flash-Butrym Skarbimierzyce 18; 72-002 Dołuje, in original packing and purchase proof (copy of the VAT invoice). In case of the smoke machines it is necessary to remove all the fluids before transportation.  Not following of these rules will result that the repair will be categorize as after-warranty repair and will be made at the cost of the customer.

The delivered device should be clean, free of dust and dirt, no fluids are allowed inside smoke machines. All the controllers such as remote control, that were purchased with the device need to be send back as well.

Unclean devices will be repaired against payment.

In case of improper packaging of devices sent to the service, for instance a lack of original boxes, Flash-Butrym Sp. J. company, before sending back the repaired devices will pack them again in a safe way, for instance in individual cartoons. The customer who ordered a repair will be charged a fee of re-packing.

The devices in untwisted condition (in parts) will not be accepted.

Flash-Butrym Sp.J. doesn’t cover the transport costs in case warranty repairs.

The warranty terms do not apply if the device/s was mechanically damaged or occurred because of an inappropriate usage of the device. All damages caused by the user of the device are not subject to the warranty. Flash-Butrym Sp.j. Company doesn’t take responsibility for the damages that occurred during operation of the device and which are the result of chosen or inappropriate installed lamps. Therefore it is necessary to check very carefully the package after the delivery for potential damages that may have occurred during transportation. Please pay special attention to the condition of the ribbons and seals on the package. In case if the package shows signs of damaging or when the seals (ribbons) are broken a damage protocol should be issued in the presence of the courier and you need to contact the dealer as soon as possible  in order to clear the matter. Checking the package at the moment of the delivery is essential in case of further claims regarding damaging the delivery during transportation.

Ad.8. Complaints and returns

In case of discovering a technical malfunctions or mechanical damages that were caused during the transportation please contact us immediately on the phone number: +48 786 840 459  Monday-Friday between 8-16.00 PM and we will determine, dependent on the value and weight the best way of sending back the device/s. All the complaints regarding missing items, quantity differences and quality claims should be submitted in writing within 3 days after receipt of the delivery under the penalty of rejection of the claim.

ATTENTION: We inform that the flight cases that the moving heads are packed into, are considered as a packaging, they are not a sales object and cannot be a basis for complaint.

ad.9. Return of the product/s

the Customer has the right to turn back the purchased product without stating the reason within 10 days since receipt of the delivery. The returned product/s should be send back on our address: Flash-Butrym Sp.J. Skarbimierzyce 18; 72-002 Dołuje.

The return of the product/s can be made under following conditions:
- the device/s comes with an original and undamaged packing (the packing cannot be wrapped with ribbon or covered with stickers etc.). 
- there are no signs of using 
- there are no additional damages or technical malfunctions besides those that are the reason for complaint.

The transport cost for the returned products bears the customer

Please send all the correspondence on the following address: Flash-Butrym Sp.J. Skarbimierzyce 18; 72-002 Dołuje. In case of any question you can contact our Customer Service department under the following phone number: +48 786 840 459 Monday-Friday between 8-16.00 PM or via  e-mail: sale1@flash-butrym.pl.


The Flash-Butrym Sp.J. team do everything so the description and technical information’s regarding our products are always up to date. We do not take the responsibility for differences and changes in parameters and features of the devices made by the manufacturer. We also reserve the right to changes in user manuals without prior notice. In case if the technical information’s (product description) stated on the website at the day when the purchase was made do not match actual information’s then the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase or long distance transaction without giving the reason.

All the video materials, descriptions and user manuals are protected under copyright law. Flash-Butrym Sp. J. allows to download and use photos, descriptions, user manuals and movies only for marketing purposes that should further the reselling strategy.

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